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Thursday, 22 August 2013

My Blackberry Has a Mind of Its Own


It is NOW time to listen to RossK.

I have a two year old blackberry.  It has no music, no funky ringtones.  I don't use any apps on it.  It sends and receives phone calls and text messages.  I use its browser, and it has an RSS feed with about two dozen blogs on it.

I was just blackening chicken (cajun, not burning, smarty pants) and my blackberry, across the room began to spontaneously play the first playlist from the link above.  I have no idea why.  I do listen to the music on that post quite a bit, so I recognized RossK's voice covering the Lumineers immediately, but I have never used the phone for that purpose.  On inspection, I also could not find any of the phone's programs open.  Just RossK's voice and guitar.   It is a mystery.  

But a very fine idea for music by which to blacken chicken, toss a salad and drink wine.  Cheers!


  1. A restless musical 'Basillie in the Machine'?

    That explains a lot, I reckon.

    1. It happened again after dinner too, when Don was home, so I have a witness. And maybe it explains some downloads, but I did listen all the way through the set both times, so it's not like you're playing to the ether.

  2. Have you been neglecting your Blacberry of late, Karen? I interpret the musical interlude as a cry for more attention, and perhaps a ploy to get invited to the table to savor your cooking. Just a thought.

  3. The blackberry many want more attention, Lorne, but its not for want of attention. I confess to a blackberry addiction. I'm actually worried if it wants to be invited to the dinner table. Maybe it's trying to take over.