Curiosity is terminal

Monday, 10 August 2015

The Summer Post

Hey! I kind of survived my move, and I have a new tree, as promised.  Two, in fact.  There will be pictures.  I seem to have lost my cursing (cursed) cat, though.  We only moved 4 blocks.  The cat thinks the new place has too many cat neighbours and not enough raspberry bushes and if we let him out he beelines for the old place.  We are growing weary of dragging him home and listening to his misery.

The Offspring was home all summer.  Well, kind of home. She cooked for a tree planting company *and she was only really home every 4 to 10 days.  But I did get to see her!

My Beloved's beloved uncle and aunt are here from  New Brunswick and we are trying to show them all the beautiful things we can in BC.

I am annoyed about this doubleplus long election campaign. I hate election campaigns. Mostly they serve to remind me how many morons live here. We**have always been conservative country around here, which was not so bad when I was a teenager and the conservative here was actually a good guy who bothered to listen to his constituents.  We used to reject the Reformatypes of various kinds, but apparently we don't read the fine print around here and no one noticed both the federal and provincial co-opting of Conservative and Liberal names.

Anyway, I hate election campaigns. No one ever says what they really mean, for fear of causing a scandal, and now we have this bunch of ratfuckers to whom words seem to mean nothing at all.  If you want to know who to vote for you should have been paying attention for the last two years.  What they have DONE in the last two years is their real agenda.  What they SAY to get attention (or get out from under that attention) matters not one single whit.


Over and out to drink beer with my Eastern relatives.  I'm drinking a little extra, because I am annoyed.

*Remind me sometime to tell you about the two weeks I worked as the Offspring's cooking assistant in a tree planting camp. It is hard work!  She is a good cook!

**By the by, when I say we, I am not actually talking about me.  Remind me someday to tell you about the time my grandfather made Tommy Douglas climb up on the roof of my grandfather's barn to talk to him.  I have deep socialist roots and strong anarchist leanings.  Furthermore, I have been paying attention to the Orwellization of BC and Canada.  Just call me Winston. And pass me a beer.