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Wednesday, 3 July 2013



I just finished a bunch of slippers for my east coast family.

Pardon me?  They look a little large?  Why, yes, as a matter of fact, big red noses do run the family!

Actually, you wash them in hot water and agitate them quite hard and they turn into this:

I agitated these by reading Stephen Harper's Canada Day address to them.  


  1. I love the idea of felted slippers...tho' I'm the only one here likely to wear such a thing. But alas, I am allergic to wool! Those are great though....

    1. Allergic to wool! That's awful! What if they were lined?

    2. :::head smacks self::: I thought I had replied, but somehow it must not have posted. I used to have lovely wool felt hats, I adore hats! And they made me itch, so I painstakingly sewed liners. Alas, it extended my non-itch time a bit, but soon enough a tell-tale rash began. Good thing I was not so sensitive when I was military; our dress greens were wool back then!

    3. No headsmacking Syrbal. I think blogger has a comment glitch. A few of mine have gone walkabout in other places and then mysteriously shown up. Do you knit?

    4. Yes, although less frequently these days. I had to sort of re-learn to manage the yarn after some spinal surgery on a damaged neck, took a few years to get back a bit of control of the left hand. I am painfully slow at it, but in winter I often like to sit about somewhere warm making something with yard.

  2. Agitation indeed...


    Hi Karen,

    Apologies for missing your comment over at my place a few days ago.

    A new setlist is coming - I've just been playing so much with the kids that I haven't made the time to sit down and record for an hour (which is fun, but not as much fun as just getting the instruments out and playing).


    Here's my response to your comment..

    "You know, in some cases, I do think there is something to what you say. There is also a really big difference between big city and small town organization.

    Thanks for all that other stuff...One thing I have to say is that on all the non-profit boards I've been on, the great, great majority of folks I've worked with want to do the right thing...

    Beer N' Hockey calls me Gazz too....And I never call him by his real name."


    1. Your posts were coming thick and fast there for a few days, I was not insulted.

      I am looking forward to a new setlist, but I like all the old ones, too. And if you are having a fun summer with your family, that is a more than fine reason not to go in the basement and record. Especially if they are taking you out to open mic nights. I get it that just playing is fun. I never really want to put down my violin now.

      As for big city and small town, I am sure that that is true, but Atmon is a funny mix of both.

      I have never sat on a board, but the people I know who do are people I admire for their kindness and down-to-earthness and their honesty.

      I always think of Mr Beer N Hockey as "Beer"

  3. Hi Karen,

    I just discovered a comment yu made on my July 9th posting. I just put it up. Apologies for somehow missing it.

  4. Quite alright Lorne. Thanks for the heads up!