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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sampson 2010- 2012 Rest in Peace Kitty

Sammy reached out at me in the pet store. He was reaching and calling and I couldn't hear him through the glass, but he had my heart that moment. I persuaded Don to take him as a housewarming present. Because home is where the cat is, don't you know. Don figured I really bought him for me, which may be true, but Sammy was his own cat. Right from the start he wanted love and attention when he wanted it, and not for one moment longer. He especially did not want his belly touched, which was really hard:

because he had such a soft, spotty belly. Sammy was and 8th floor apartment cat, but he visited my house often and grew to love riding in the truck and the car.

 He was taken from his mother too soon and when he settled into bed next to us for the night, he would purr and his little paws would pound the air and he would suckle at his own nipples. He grew out of the suckling, but he never figured out the kneading. He would come to have his head scratched and purr like crazy and his front feet would knead away in the air, sometimes even reaching over his head. He has this great way of coming silently into a room, sneaking up on you and then turning on a roaring purr right under your chair. It was the loveliest surprise. 

Sammy liked boxes

fishing and gardening

He liked to help Don shave

and help me do my homework

Sammy loved to play in the grass and climb the plum tree in the front yard. He liked to wake us a couple of times a night, stomping on us and purring. He had a stuffed goose he took to beating up when it was bigger than he was and watching him carry it around was the funniest thing. He had a great fondness for mohair yarn, and he would fish in my yarn baskets looking for a ball to carry around. I loved finding a random ball of mohair where it ought not to be. He had a flair for making an entrance. Somehow it always seemed like he was shouting, "I'm here! Here I am!" I think we will be watching the doors for his entrance for some time.  Sammy left his footprints on our hearts. We will miss him so much.


  1. Karen,

    I left a feedback comment for you on your comment on Owen's blog, Northern Reflections and this is how I found your blog.

    Animals plants or the biosphere if you wish or the Eco system championed linguistically today are my favorites and because you asked on Owen's blog and are into flora and fauna I sincerely hope you follow up on my recommendation for a healthy soul, heart and planetary Eco system (feedback:

  2. Hi Mogs,
    I did see that comment this morning.

    I pretty much dropped out of the consumersphere a long time ago. I buy local as much as possible. Recycle, compost, make my own. I grow a little more of my own food every year.
    There are a lot of people around me who do the same.

    I'll have a look at your permaculture links. I'm pretty sure that is where I am headed with my life anyway.

  3. Leaving the "consumer-sphere" behind:)

    Ya that is in reality the only way we have of fighting back these days!

    What I like about permaculture is that the main founder Bill Mollison concluded that the way we treat the planet and it's inhabitants/flora/fauna for our food production in order for consumption also very consumer oriented was at the very root and heart of our collective problems in society as a whole.

    The reason they coined a new word 'permaculture' was that it was a whole new way to grow food which does not rely on chemicals and toxins but rather mimic's natures own process sustainable and healthy.

    So permaculture was a melding of the words; permanent, agriculture and culture, because it shows us a whole new way to relate to our earth while growing healthy foods. Also you can have a mini balcony garden, a backyard garden or forty acres or more. They figured when they started that forty acres would easily feed and sustain three hundred people and proved it, while creating a healthier happier environment.

    So if anyone is willing to listen I'm a cheerleader for permaculture because when you set up your permaculture garden correctly there is no weeding, fertilizing or pest control necessary! Wonderful eh? also you are enriching the soil and growing organic heirlooms that you allow to seed out so their is always a crop next year and without planting!

    The main-streamers don't want you to know this because there is no money in it for them! Too bad:)

    BTW I can tell by your pic's above you and Samson were in love! I have a kitty I rescued when she was one, she's clever and a very well dis-positioned three year old tuxedo that I love dearly. She already had a name Elena which didn't fit her so I thought I'd let her choose a new one. When she is extremely happy and excited she leaps up to four leaps on her hind legs before she breaks in to her 4-legged gallop. So I call her Roo short for kangaroo! I've never seen another kitty do that! Yes I admit I love her:)


    1. I am quite fascinated by permaculture, Mogs.

      I did indeed love Sammy, and he me. I have had some pretty bad missing-him days recently.