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Saturday, 3 October 2015

So Much Ado

All right, I suppose I will wade into the fray on this one.  I don't really get the problem.

How is this

more problematic than this?

One is a fashion accessory and the other is a religious statement. Except, apparently the other is not necessarily a religious statement.  It is a convention, a tradition.  It has not really been a fact in my lifetime, but there was a time when western women and men covered their heads as a matter of convention and tradition.  

Oh, but the other up there, that is more than just a matter of tradition and convention.  There is a reverence in that.  When a woman dons that other bit of fabric, she is expressing a kind of obedience, of preserving something of herself.  Huh. You mean like this? 

It really is about The Other, though, isn't it? 

I hope to god that the stupid conservatives step in it again before the election, because I'm scared of the kind of country they seem to want.  I'm pretty sure history has seen this before, and it has never turned out all that well.  

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  1. Amen. The scary thing is that 82% of Canadians agree with the Conservatives. It'd be enough to make me laugh, if I wasn't so busy crying and screaming.