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Thursday, 7 May 2015

"You Win Some...

And some you don't do so good."

Was a thing a friend of mine used to say.

Omar Khadr may not have been granted bail on Monday, but he was today and I am happy for him.  I am glad his lawyers, David Edney and Nathan Whitling fought so hard for him and I was pleased to learn today of all the people who have visited Mr Khadr and helped him all this time.  I know there are really great, kind people in the world (the blogosphere is full of them, as is my real life!), but I love reading about them in the mainstream media.

The NDP pulled off a nice majority in Alberta, which floored me a bit.  I continue to be guardedly hopeful.  I remember some business group musing during a BC election that they were willing to let their businesses go fallow indefinitely in order to thwart an NDP government.  I'm sorry, I don't have a link for that. I noticed on DeSmog Blog the other day that Licia Corbella tweeted that The oil patch will pack up and leave."  Surely she was kidding?  Isn't that pretty much what they've been doing and trying to ramp up besides?  I hope the NDP in Alberta stick to their platform and are able to sort out the mess.  

Harper is still an asshole.  Now I might get targeted by some security agency for saying so, but not saying it doesn't make it any less true.  

Justin Trudeau has confirmed that he is just a conservative in liberal clothes by voting with the cons for bill C-51.  Honestly, what was he thinking?  I suspect he is more interested in power than in good governance.  

So, those are the big things.  In local things, I'm semi-unemployed, the Offspring is home from the east coast for the summer and my Beloved and I have bought a house.  There was a fire in downtown Prince George last night that destroyed two nice businesses and damaged a nice restaurant, but I hear they have all been getting plenty of offers of help and they are feeling more like beloved members of the community than tragic victims.

 The world is not an entirely horrible place.


  1. The local things seem like pretty big things...*smile*...things this reader, at least, would like to hear more about. Particularly the house thing.

  2. Hi Ken. Thanks for stopping by. I'm trying to get a bit of writing groove going, so maybe the house will come up.