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Sunday, 28 September 2014

I Have to Laugh, Otherwise I Would Cry

Paul Calandra has been making an especial ass of himself in Parliament.  He has been criticized and raked over the coals, and he has cried in Parliament while giving Canadians a non-apology.  It is to cry.  However, someone out there has the right idea.  Wikipedia now tells all the world that 
Paul Calandra (born May 13, 1970) is a Canadian clapping seal. He was elected to act like a petulant teenager on behalf of the electoral district of Oak Ridges—Markham in the 2008 Canadian federal election
In the event that the clapping seals and their adolescent minions find and edit that entry, I have taken a shot of it to preserve for indefinite entertainment.

And also for your reading pleasure, I give you Scott Feschuk  in McLean's with "Harper to world: We are angry, and we have adjectives."
"In his speech, the Prime Minister had a lot of harsh words for a lot of people. Harsh words for the Russian president. Harsh words for Islamic State fundamentalists. Harsh words for those who would oppose Israel, or fail to sufficiently support Israel, or ever raise any question about Israel. (Imagine how irked he’d be at those who’d dare misspell Israel.)Responding to overseas conflict, Harper’s declarations were amped up and unequivocal. This, for example: “We will not rest until the people of Ukraine are free to choose their own destiny.” But let’s be honest with ourselves: We’re resting. Plenty of talk, some sanctions, but otherwise: totally resting.Would we like Ukraine to be free? You bet. Are we willing to fire off some high-calibre adjectives? Absolutely. But let’s not pretend Vladimir Putin is standing over a military map, pushing his pieces around and thinking to himself: “I seek the prize of Crimea—but dammit, those feisty Canadians are holding the northern front with an entire battalion of empty threats!” "

Cheer up, fellow sane Canadians.  You are not alone.  Try to laugh about it. Surely we are on the upswing.   

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