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Monday, 7 July 2014

The Boss, Avec Strings

I'm not sure if the strings are violin or viola, but someday I want to play this.


  1. Ms. Shires normally plays the littler of the two.

  2. Yes. The google is good for educating oneself, which would have been a good thing before I posted this, yes?
    In my travels I found a video of Shires and Isbell covering My Mutineer though where her instrument looked to be a viola (quite low notes on the bottom string, I thought) and so I wasn't sure.
    It's nice, though, isn't it? I think it matches the lyrics beautifully.

  3. Oh boy.

    Just watched 'The Mutineer'...You might be right!

    There's is a pretty amazing story. She pretty much saved him from destroying himself and out if it all came the greatest album of his life so far.

    Which is saying a helluva lot given what already came before.


  4. I'm glad she saved him. It would be awful in every possible way to lose this guy.