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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

On Quaint Woven Carrying Devices and Subterranean Destinations

What country is this? 
No. Not really. I have not been living under a rock for the last couple of decades.
I have been paying attention.
In fact my circle tends to find me a bit tiresome on the Cassandra routine.
But even having feared all this from the get-go does not make me less disgusted.

Honestly. I don't even know where to direct my outrage at the moment:Crime bills, Surveillance bills, Election fraud, Pipelines, Missing women inquiry, Legislation about to be enacted in BC to destroy the right to strike.

Tomorrow, as a union carpenter I will be standing up in the cold with the BC Teachers Federation against unconstitutional legislation , and right after that I am going to an information evening about the pitfalls of the Enbridge pipeline. It will include a talk by a pair who lived on Haida Gwaii for a month, living entirely off the land.

I can picture a better Canada. One where we do not have to be  exploiting  someone, something or somewhere. One where we are more respectful, and capable of recognizing the agency of others. (I am so sick of being told that someone else's wishes are in my best interest. My best interest includes trees and bears and unsullied coastlines, thank you very much.)

It makes me really sad to think that what we have is really someone's best imagination.

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