Curiosity is terminal

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

So that was all very nice and it was how I felt at 4 in the morning when my exams were but a memory and I had the pleasure of three weeks break from school to look forward to.

But honestly? I am mad a lot of the time.

Mad that our government has become a strong stable dictatorship.

Mad that we are destroying the planet for the sake of a quick buck. Did you happen to see  or read David Suzuki's Legacy Lecture? Take a few minutes to listen to what he had to say about growth:

I'm mad that we have the ability to feed and shelter and educate and care for everyone on this planet, but we don't.

I'm mad that the playing field is not level and I am really mad that the advantaged refuse to see that it is not level. I am furious when the mechanisms for leveling it are removed and derided.

I want a different world. I want in on the conversations about solutions.


  1. On behalf of, I guess, nobody, welcome to the conservation.

  2. Thank you Sixth Estate. I hope I will have something to contribute.